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Christi’s Story: Celebrating Weight Loss

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Why I decided to do the shoot: “I had been trying to lose weight for 10 years, and finally, after losing 15lbs, I decided to go for the photo shoot as a reward and as a gift to give my boyfriend for Christmas. If I knew how transformative the experience alone would be, I would not have waited so long. Forget losing the weight – you should take this opportunity to feel amazing at any stage of your life.

How it felt during the shoot: “Since I had already met Michal, I was comfortable with him being the person behind the lens of this vulnerable situation. He’s silly and fun and makes you feel relaxed and sort of forget about what your hang-ups were walking into the set.

What I wish I had known before doing my session: “STRETCH. I was exhausted after my session. I do yoga regularly, and I still felt the strain of trying to reach these poses and hold them comfortably for the shoot. Do the pre-shoot exercises!

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