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Plan and Prep

From start to finish Touch of Boudoir offers a detailed spa like treatment to ensure an empowering, relaxing and overall fun experience. While everyone's purpose for taking intimate portraits is different, the expression of self love and ownership of sexuality will be at the forefront of your  session. We want to build you up to look fierce and feel confident. This is a preview of our full guide that prepares you for the best experience possible.

The full guide is available for clients: HERE

What to bring?

Your iD(s)
Clients and their hype team must be 18+

Your Wardrobe

At this time TOB does not offer a client closet; however, we are happy to assist with helping you acquire and plan the best outfit.

Your hype team(Optional) 

This is someone who cheers you on and makes you laugh. Having a friend can make the whole experience more enjoyable and more comfortable.(Limited to one additional person)

What to wear?

Wear what makes you feel beautiful, sexy and powerful.  That doesn't mean you have to wear lingerie or your birthday suit. If a button-up, a dress or even sweats are your thing then let's rock that! Making sure garments are well-fitted will give the best results.

Great starters
Available in the full guide.

Available in the full guide. 

Lingerie types
Available in the full guide.

Corsets need to be broken in so if you do not own them we suggest to avoid them. 

Where to buy?
If you are looking for your first piece or looking to add something new we always suggest to start at a local store. This will help get you properly fitted, so the garments are comfortable and flattering.

Popular online resources

Local CNYAvailable in the full guide
Favorite places to shop online: Available in the full guide
Budget picks: Available in the full guide
Bridal lingerie: Available in the full guide
Sites that carry curvy sizes: Available in the full guide 
On Arrival
Available in the full guide.

Jewelry / accessories
Available in the full guide.

Hair Extensions
If you plan to have extensions or wigs please let us know at booking as this adds extra time and cost to the service.  

Before the shoot

Stretch(Daily up to 10 weeks prior)
Lots of poses and positions involve twists, turns and holds. It's going to feel like a workout and being fully stretched is going to help tremendously. Having a flexible spine will help make those curves POP. For best results try our free Flirt with Fitness
Start with this

Hydrate(Daily up to a week before)
Drink up to 64 ounces a day. Not only is this amazing for your skin but this will increase flexibility as it add fluids to the joints. 

Avoid Alcohol(up to 5 days prior) 
Alcohol dehydrates you and will remove nutrients from your skin and body. 

Waxing, Laser Hair Removal,
or Shaving? 
Available in the full guide.

If you have a skin care routine that is working for you, GREAT, don't change it up. The last thing we want is to cause skin irritation or have an allergic reaction the day before. If you don't have a routine yet I highly recommend Nu Skin LumiSpa which you can order HERE

Exfoliate and Moisturize
Start an exfoliation mask routine up to 4 weeks prior to remove top layer of dull dead skin. This also allows your moisturizer to absorb into your skin giving it back it elasticity and vibrancy. I swear by the LumiSpa at home products which you can order HERE

Additional info in the full guide

Things to avoid

The Sun - Tan lines and burning will not look great on your photos. Take a two week break from sun before your session.  There will be an additional fee to correct tan lines and burns in post processing 
More to avoid in the full guide.

Nails(Up to a week before)
Make sure nails and polish are in good condition.  Toes should match the fingers.

The Night Before

The Day of

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