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Hannah's story: Makeup Artist for Touch of Boudoir

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

When people are nervous and worried that they can’t possibly look good - that’s when I get excited to show them what I can do. That’s what I find so rewarding about doing makeup.

Hannah, Makeup Artist

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I worked at Sephora for over 7 years, honing my skills at working on-the-spot with the average, everyday person who walks in the door – not models or professionals. Because of that, I’ve experienced the full spectrum of people’s confidence and experience with makeup. Sometimes it’s a person who already feels super confident, and I simply enhance what they’re feeling about themselves so they can keep strutting their stuff. Most of the time, though, it’s folks who aren’t feeling themselves, and they let me help them to realize, with just the right techniques, products, and colors, that they were beautiful all along. That gets me right in the feels.

What I wish people knew about our team: I’m not trying to make you look like anything but the best version of yourself. I don’t want you to look like a model or celebrity – ultimately, I know

that you won’t be happy with your photos if that were the case. The goal is to look like yourself, and be yourself. Whatever you want that to be. That’s my main goal with doing people’s makeup.


My own biggest insecurity: I think I get some pushback because of what I look like. I’m younger with light tone. People who are outside that box expect that I can’t work with anything but those similar ranges, so they hesitate. But I am trained and experienced to do makeup on all skin tones and types. That’s literally my job. Give me a chance to show you what I can do.

I know I’ve done my job when: When I hear people say, “I don’t really wear makeup and was nervous I’d look like a clown, but Hannah did a fabulous job making me look like myself using my own qualities but enhancing them gently.”

Before & After

Working with Michal: Folks have this idea of what a male photographer does – just standing back and saying, “Oh that’s fabulous,” or getting in your face and making a woman uncomfortable. Once you work with Michal you let that guard down and laugh at the idea. He does so much more than just call out sexy pose ideas. You want awkward and silly? He will straight up join in the fun.

In fact, it hurts my feelings when someone goes after him and suggests he’s just a creeper dude who likes to work with sexy women. That’s when I get defensive. Because it suggests that I would be OK with that. I hope anyone knows that I would never stand for that. I would never support that type of work. Trust ME that I would never put my energy into someone else if we weren’t on the same page. That hurts me. Give me a little credit too, here. The reality is that Michal’s a family guy, a goofy guy, and a team player. He got into boudoir through bridal shoots, and we all realized how much we love the transformational side of this unique type of work. We’re good at making folks comfortable on set. Definitely not the other way around.

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